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Welcome to CAMS and the Rhinestone Transfer Business

Automatic Rhinestone Machines

When you ask anyone in the apparel decorating business about rhinestones or rhinestone transfers the CAMS Rhinestone Machine is usually at the top of the list of topics. CAMS Machines became popular at the start of the rhinestone transfer trend because of their reasonable entry price, great speed and performance. They continue to lead the pack because they lead in technology advances while still maintaining reliability.. and are backed up by the best training in the business!

ColDesi, Inc. and our CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Transfer machines are staples in the commercial apparel decorating marketplace for a reason.

Every CAMS machine comes with the most important things you can ask for in starting a new business; great training and support, a long track record of reliability, and a long roster of successful entrepreneurs that have paved the way before you.

Finding the Right System for You

There is a rhinestone machine for almost every business, from the start up entrepreneur just starting a rhinestone t-shirt business all the way to a screen printing professional adding rhinestone transfer to their product line. You’ll learn about the 1V-6P and 4H-3P models under the CAMS MACHINES tab above.

For information on how quickly a rhinestone machine like the CAMS can pay for itself and start making your business grow, choose the RHINESTONE ROI link above.

You’ll also find information about the best rhinestone software on the market, Hotfix Era, that comes free with the CAMS Machine, samples of some great rhinestone t-shirt graphics and some great ways to buy a machine under our PURCHASE OPTIONS page.

Read on and learn how ColDesi can help you can started in rhinestones, and how profitable a CAMS Machine can be, the contact us!

Online Course – Learn at your own pace!

You’ve been on the fence, wanting to start your own business but not sure of what is needed to do it correctly and profitably. We’ve compiled this course with you in mind. Based on our most requested ebook “What You Need To Know – Starting A Custom T-Shirt Business”, this course guides you step by step with topics like:

  • How to find an active and PROFITABLE niche market
  • The Simple Plan – what you need to do to market your product and make money doing it
  • Selling Online – See how to set up a Shopify Store
  • NOT Selling Online – How to market your business locally
  • How to set up to get found on Google and Facebook for Free
  • What equipment you should buy with VIDEOS of how they work!
  • More…