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CAMS Rhinestone Machine Models

CAMS Rhinestone Transfer Machines

There are 2 options in the CAMS line of automatic rhinestone setting machines, or rhinestone transfer systems, shown below. 
The 1V-6P automatic rhinestone machine will produce up to 6 different colors or sizes of hotfix rhinestones, rhinestuds or nailheads available for each design. That feature, along with the larger platen area, make this a good pick for those wanting to enter the wholesale rhinestone transfer business.
The 4H-3P is the largest automatic rhinestone machine we offer and is for large scale production of rhinestone transfers, great for retailers or the most ambitious wholesale rhinestone transfer companies.

See the CAMS 1V6P in Action


Commercial Automatic Rhinestone Machine
The 4H-3P is ColDesi’s truly large scale bling machine, with production capabilities that support some of the largest rhinestone transfer makers in the country.
If you are in, or want to be in the commercial rhinestone transfer or rhinestone t-shirt business, the 4H-3P is the right rhinestone machine for you.Learn more here.


Rhinestone Machine with 6 Colors and Sizes of Stones
This commercial rhinestone transfer machine will allow you to create rhinestone designs with 6 colors or 6 sizes of hotfix rhinestones. Not only does this really set your creativity free, it increases production time enough to make a wholesale rhinestone transfer business easily profitable.
More information on the CAMS 1V-6P Rhinestone Machine is just a mouse click away.