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CAMS 1V6P Rhinestone Machine


For the professional embellisher who’s wanting to produce multiple colors at top speed the CAMS 1V-6P will probably be the equipment required to output stunning rhinestone transfers. This machine will permit you to reach niche markets that showcase rhinestones in its apparel. Dance dresses, skating apparel, team wear, trend clothing, couture fashion, souvenir shirts and uniforms are some of the various industries.

Why is 6 Hoppers an important feature? The “hopper”, in the picture above, is where you keep you different sized and colored rhinestones in order to make your transfer. Just imagine the difference between a one or 2 color design, and something with 4 or size colors and sizes of hotfix rhinestones – it’s THREE TIMES THE IMPACT!
Not only can you do more with more colors and sizes, you can CHARGE more for the end result.


This fully automatic rhinestone machine is the perfect addition in any decorated apparel shop and also is extremely easy to operate. Our training will have you up and producing on the day one. Utilizing your design, the CAMS 1V-6P sets rhinestones at 170 stones per minute to transfer paper on its 15.75 x 15.75 inch work area. Then you just heat transfer the rhinestone transfer to the garment, it’s that easy!

Key Features


  • Places 170 stones per minute.
  • Simplified buttons for easy operation.
  • User-friendly LCD graphic menu.
  • Makes rhinestone transfers up to 15.75 x 15.75 inches in size.
  • Exchangeable with various types of stone plates. 
  • Works with 6 colors or sizes of rhinestones or metal studs.
  • Automatic positioning according to high sensitivity sensors prevent errors and interferences between stones.
  • HotFix Era Rhinestone Design Software included.

Optional Model There is an option to have equipment with a rotating X/Y board, allowing the operator to set various shapes of stones and/or studs at any angle. The 12 x 12 inch rotating table is the unique feature that permits unusual shapes like triangle, heart, teardrop and oval rhinestuds to be placed in different directions on the transfer sheet. This gives the designer more flexibility in design creation.



Running multiple rhinestone designs can make a real difference.

Having an almost 16″ square area for designs doesn’t just mean that you can do larger rhinestone transfers, though you can, it means that if you’re smart you can make more $/hour as well. 

For example, let’s say you’re selling 12 shirts with a small, 4″ design on the left chest like this one on the right.

With the larger platen size on the 1V-6P, you can fit at least 4 designs on one transfer sheet, so you’ll be able to run 4 designs at once! If you’re careful with layout, you can do even more… so your production time goes way down and your profits way up with the 1V-6P.



Speed is a Money Making Feature

170 Rhinestones per minute placed directly onto transfer paper. That is an amazing specification!

The next fastest automatic rhinestone machine, the CAMS 1V-2P, operates at 150 stones per minute, so you are gaining a 13% increase in productivity from that small difference in speed.

Compared to a manual rhinestone system using templates, A 170 stone design that would take 1 minute to product on the CAMS, would take almost 3 times longer – even on a single color and size stone design.

That’s the difference in a professional automatic rhinestone transfer system, and it translates directly into money in your pocket!

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Rhinestone Machine Specifications



Available jewels   Rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads (2mm – 5mm)
Colors (cups per head)   6Colors (Cups)
Working Area   400(mm) x 400(mm)
Power consumption   530w
Power Single phase   AC 110V, 50/60Hz
Maximum working speed   170 stones per minute
Dimensions   D 39.75 inches x W 35.5 inches x H 46.6 inches
Vacuum pump   Becker or Thomas (Germany product)
Data Memory   1,000 designs
Data Interface   SD Memory Card, USB memory, USB cable and LAN
Hotfix Era required Windows based systems with 2-4GB RAM
32 bit Graphics Card with OpenGL and a CD/DVD Plater*RTC (Real Time Controller)


Is this the Best Rhinestone Machine for Me?

Best Rhinestone Machine

The 1V6P MAY be the best rhinestone machine for you and your business if speed, production time and versatility are important. 

1. Speed – the 1 V-6P can lay down hotfix rhinestones or rhinestuds at a stunning 170 stones per minute.

2. Impact – with 6 hoppers you will be amazed at what you can create.

3. Platen Size – with almost 16″ in area for your design, you can make them bigger, or more at one time.

The CAMS 1V-6P is a great choice if for your new wholesale rhinestone transfer or rhinestone t-shirt business!

Check our ROI page for more information to see if the CAMS 1V-6P is the right machine and then call us and we’ll help you make the best machine decision based on your needs.