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Real Commercial Production

The CAMS 4H-3P has revolutionized the production of wholesale rhinestone transfers in the North American marketplace, making it economical for domestic companies to compete with large overseas exporters.. and to produce better products as well.

If you’ve reviewed our information on the CAMS 1V6P, it will be easy to see what the 4H-3P brings to the table. It’s like having FOUR 1V6P rhinestone transfer machines at the same time!

The CAMS 4H-3P produces four times the production with less than two-thirds of the cost of its closest competitor. It places 150 stones per minute, per head on four heads for an output of 600 stones per minute! Takes an average rhinestone design of 300 stones and produces four pieces every two minutes. That’s 120 rhinestone transfers per hour. 

To put that into perspective you only have a labor cost of 10 cents per piece, if your labor is $12 per hour.

Want an idea of how much money you can make selling wholesale rhinestone transfers? Just investigate our ROI article and see how you can get to more than $290/hour with the CAM 4H-3P. 


  • Rhinestone motif solution for mass production.
  • Produces 4 motif designs with up to 6 colors or sizes of rhinestones or rhinestuds directly onto transfer material.
  • User-friendly LCD graphic menu.
  • High speed multi heads.
  • Exchangeable with various types of stone plates. 
  • Working-level speed of 600 spm (stones per minute).
  • Controlling each head respectively.
  • Error indicating function for each head.
  • Hotfix Era Rhinestone Design Software Included


*Requires an air compressor that delivers clean, dried and compressed air at 12 CFM at 90 PSI, not included.

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Inside the CAMS 4H-3P


Available jewels   Basic: Rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads (2mm – 5mm)
Colors (cups per head)   6 Colors (Cups)
Optional   Rotating X/Y work area board for various angle placement
Working Area   16″(X) x 16″(Y) (basic)
Power   Single phase – AC 110V, 400w, 50/60Hz
Maximum working speed   600 stones per minute
Dimensions   D 47.25 inches x W 104.3 inches x H 59 inches
Air Consumption*   Approximately 120/min
Weight   1332 lbs
PC Requirements  
Hotfix Era required Windows based systems with 2-4GB RAM
32 bit Graphics Card with OpenGL and a CD/DVD Plater