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Designing Rhinestone Transfers

Best Rhinestone Design Software

Hotfix Era from Sierra Technology is the premier rhinestone design software on the market today, and comes with each and very rhinestone transfer system from ColDesi.


Why should YOU choose Hotfix Era?

Simple. It’s the only all in one software application that has been designed from the ground up for creating rhinestone and sequin transfers. 

That’s import for you because it means that you don’t have to have years of experience with complex graphics programs, like Corel Draw for example, that grew up around print and online graphics. Hotfix Era has the right set of tools for apparel decorators, period. 

Here are just a few of the tasks you need to do every day in producing rhinestone apparel or decals:

1. Create Text – Hotfix Era comes with pre-digitized fonts for rhinestones, but you can also us any of the the hundreds of TrueType fonts that are available..and the you probably already have on your computer.

2. Create Shapes – Hotfix Era for Rhinestones comes with the ability to create basic shapes that includes Stars, Hearts, Flags, StarBursts and many more.

3. Import Graphics – the first question many of our customers ask is “can I bring in a logo and make into rhinestones?”, and the answer is YES.

ColDesi still supports its GemMaster customers, but the advent of Hotfix Era for Rhinestones and Hotfix Era for Sequins has changed the face of the rhinestone transfer business! The new rhinestone design software is easier to use, doesn’t require the use of other applications and will help you make a bigger impact with  your designs.

Hotfix Era Demonstration Video

Hotfix Era is constantly being updated and improved, so the individual fills and features may look different on current software versions. Please contact ColDesi for accurate information on current versions.

Hotfix Era Uses TrueType Fonts

Sierra Hotfix Rhinestone Transfer Design Menus

sierra hotfix rhinestone software menu

Hotfix Era’s easy to use, Windows Office style menu makes getting started a breeze. You can see the vector image options above, many of which are found on much more expensive applications – this is why you ONLY need Hotfix Era to create stunning designs! This section is where you can import a vector graphic, like a log, and convert into a rhinestone transfer design, or if the image is unclear, actually trace around it using the Bezier and Freehand drawing tools. 

One thing that’s not shown here that many advanced graphics software users appreciate is the ability to bring in designs directly from Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator to more easily take existing graphics into the world of custom rhinestone designs. 

  hotfix era rhinestone design software preview

Being able to view a simulation of your rhinestone design in real time is a HUGE advantage for visualizing the end result. A quick 3D viview of your t shirt transfer will save you time and works great as a proof you can send to a client. 

Hotfix Era Fills Menu

As you can see from the video on this page, it’s so simple to text with Hotfix Era, and that is by far the most profitable rhinestone transfer you can produce! Usually a text design has far fewer rhinestones, in far fewer colors than an image or logo. That means a lower cost in hotfix rhinestones AND a greatly reduced design time. 

You might also notice the “Hoops” section on the menu above. Of course, there are no real hoops for your rhinestone transfer machine, the CAMS 1V2P. But Sierra took its experience in embroidery software  and applied it to Hotfix Era, and the Hoops idea turned out to work perfectly. Hoops for rhinestone software allows you to set your design size more easily, showing obvious boundaries while you work.

When the boundaries are easier to see, you can design faster!