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How Rhinestone Machine Leasing Works

Leasing a CAMS Rhinestone Transfer Machine, or a direct to garment printer, or embroidery machine, or any kind of apparel decorating system or bling machine is technically a short term agreement that allows you the use the equipment in exchange for a monthly payment. 

Just like leasing a vehicle, a rhinestone machine lease can run from 24 month to 48 months or more and usually require you to make payments and security deposits up front, and at the end of the lease turn your machine back in to the manufacturer/distributor. You also may have the option to buy the car or equipment at a predetermined price or “market value” from the leasing company at the end of the term. 

The leases offered by ColDesi and Adia Capital are typically the most advantageous to the buyer – that’s you – because of the $1 Buyout feature. The $1 Buyout means that at the end of your lease, the amount owed for you to actually OWN the machine is only a single dollar. This option gives you all the cash flow and tax advantages of leasing while effectively offering you a purchase finance deal where you own the equipment at the end of the term. 

Of course, depending on how technology progresses, you may decide to just keep leasing the next, best rhinestone machine we have available or choose to add another type of equipment to your business. So how does leasing a rhinestone transfer machine work? EASY!

You can start either with machine selection or by finding out if you qualify for a lease deal. If you want to get right to leasing, just click on the Apply Now button you see on this page. If you’d like some help in choosing the right machine first and talking over your options, then go to the Contact Us page and start a conversation with one of our experienced account managers. 

And remember, whether you lease or buy a rhinestone machine from ColDesi, you always get Free Training, Free Technical Support and every machine comes with the best rhinestone design software on the market – Hotfix Era

Leasing Statistics

Leasing a Rhinestone Transfer Machine

CAMS Rhinestone Transfer machines from ColDesi are such a great investment, and leasing one is a great cash flow decision! We work closely with Adia Capital, LLC, a respected name in apparel equipment financing, in order to make it as easy as possible to add rhinestone transfers to your business or get things off the ground.
Here are our estimated lease prices per month for each of our rhinestone machines with accessories, all prices are + tax and subject to approval:

CAMS 1V-6P: $824.00
CAMS 4H-3P: $2,336.00


Personnel at Adia Capital know our equipment, model numbers, types and better yet, have experience in financing apparel decorating systems specifically.
Download your leasing application now, or fill it out online and get pre-approved!


Other Reasons to Lease

There ARE tax advantages to leasing rhinestone equipment over an outright purchase. Because taxes depend on what type of business you have, LLC, Corporation, etc, and what state you’re in, it’s best to discuss what those advantages will be for you. 

One place that everyone can benefit from lease though, is in how sales/use tax is paid. With a conventional purchase on a $25,000 rhinestone machine, for example, you are on the hook for the tax on the entire $25,000, during a lease, you are only paying the sales tax on a monthly basis. For example, a payment of $500 per month is actually $500 plus sales tax. When you lease equipment, tax is paid on the lease payment if taxes are due at all. 

Top 3 Advantages to Leasing

Cash Flow

Most businesses lease rhinestone machines to ensure positive cash flow. Rhinestone transfers are very profitable and relatively easy to sell, so it doesn’t take many sales to make a leasing payment. Learn more about the return on investment with a rhinestone transfer machine here.

Capital Preservation

When you make a major purchase, like a rhinestone transfer system, for your business in cash it can make a big dent in operating capital. Keeping that money in the bank may help you take advantage of a new opportunity, or just help you weather a slow month.

Buying Up

Because you end up with lower payments and preserving that valuable capital, many leasing customers are able to afford larger and more productive machines, like a 1V6P instead of a 1V2P, or to add more than one type of machine to an initial purchase, like getting both a rhinestone machine AND an embroidery machine at the same time.