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Rhinestone Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I add Rhinestone designs to my existing retail inventory? 

A: Just spend a few minutes in any retail store and you’ll see customers are attracted to the brights, shiniest objects in it! Adding Rhinestone designs to your sales floor will attract customers due to the hard to miss gleam coming from your embellished goods. Rhinestone designs out-profit any embroidered or printed good hands down, and capture easy sales through customized services.



Q: What type of stones can I use in the CAMS machine?

 A: The CAMS machine will run any quality of stone weather it is Swarovski Crystal, to the cheapest rhinestones on the market, but we do recommend using an good quality glass hotfix rhinestones like the ones sold by Colman and Company. You can also use rhinestuds, which adds a metallic finish to your goods. Other types of design elements you can use are nail heads and domes. The CAMS machine can handle rhinestone sizes from SS06 (2mm) through SS34 (7mm). 


Q: Why should I consider the CAMS machine over plotter type systems or CAD cut systems?

A: CAMS is an automatic rhinestone machine or rhinestone transfer machine. Simply place a transfer sheet onto its table, send your newly created design from the Hotfix Era rhinestone design software right to your machine. Choose which size and color stones you want to use and press start. The machine takes care of the rest, no laboring over manually brushing stones through templates color by color. With the CAMS machine you’ll have more flexibility to manage your business without getting behind in other parts of your business.   


Q: How long does it take for an average design to finish once I press the START button?

A: The CAMS machine will run 150-170 stones per minute, and average design will have anywhere from 450 to 1100 stones in the design. That’s an astonishing 3 to 7 minutes on the CAMS 1V-2P machine and just 1 to 6 minutes on the CAMS 1V-6P machine. That adds up to about 20 to 60 designs per hour.   


Q: Since the CAMS 1V-2P machine has 2 colors, is it possible for me to do more than 2 colors or sizes? 

A: Absolutely, you can create designs of up to 16 different colors and up to 7 sizes. After you create your design in the Sierra Hotfix Era design software, send the first 2 colors or sizes to the machine and when that finishes simply change stone color and send the next 2 colors and the next 2 colors and the next. There are no limits to how far to take your designing flair.   


Q: Once the design has finished, how do you get the rhinestone to stay on the shirt?

A: After the design has finished, simply line up the design onto your garment and heat press at 325 degrees for 15-20 seconds, allow to cool then peel. That’s it.   


Q: How do you recommend washing garments with rhinestone embellishment?

A: Machine-wash inside out and hang dry.  


Q: What is the maintenance like on the CAMS machine?

A:  80% of what the automatic rhinestone machine does is air related, so most of the maintenance you perform is done automatically for you through the air compressors air treatment system. However the 2 gun assemblies do need lubrication monthly, to protect from wear. We also have many informative videos on our YouTube Channel regarding care and maintenance.